4th Wealdstone Brownies 50th Birthday Celebration

4th Wealdstone Brownies celebrated their 50th Birthday in November. Brown Owl, [Anita Jarvis]  started the pack and was soon joined by Snowy [Liz Burke]- they are both members of Belmont Trefoil Guild;  and Tawny, Verena Brennan, who came to complete her Guide service! She began the Rainbows as ‘Sky’ 12 years ago. Maria O’Dowd is an ex- Brownie who joined us 8 years ago. We have 2 young Leaders. We invited the parents of the Brownies and Rainbows and an ex-Brownie of the pack from every decade.  They spoke about their memories of activities, outings, Christmas plays, Carols in the local care homes and Pack Holidays. One guest, a local doctor, came to the very first holiday in Tongham, Surrey , and  Heidi, a recent ex- Brownie,  who earned our first Gold Award, told everyone about the 40th holiday we had with the Division, at the Gordon Brown centre in Hampshire.

The Brownies showed everyone how the uniforms and handbooks had changed over the 50 years. Several  mums had worn the brown dress with the badges down the arm!  We all sang an action song between each speaker, ending up with ‘This little Guiding Light’.   We sang ‘Happy Birthday’, then there was a delicious cake to share. Each Brownie, Rainbow and guest received a Teddy and a badge. We had a jolly time!!