7th Headstone Brownies celebrate 40 years!

7th Headstone Brownies recently celebrated our 40th birthday! Although we have been meeting successfully face to face since April, we planned our celebrations earlier in the year and decided to hold an all day Virtual Festival.

We started our day at 9am with birthday cake and cards, incorporating the Strike A Light UMA. The girls then packed their bags for the festival and we talked about what we would take on a Brownie overnight trip completing Get Packing from Camp Stage 2. We looked at the uniforms from the past 40 years and decorated or designed wellies and T shirts for the festival.

The first guest was Liz Million, a Cartoonist and Illustrator who was funny and engaging, we learnt to draw various animals and even sketched a Dragon under a disco ball eating cake!

At midday we all made lunch together on Zoom following a video from Girlguiding and completing Fajita Fun from Live Smart Stage 2. As we were all already in our kitchens, we followed this with the Slime Time UMA using another Girlguiding video.

At 2pm we had our second guest of the day, an amazing Drama workshop by Laura Sharpe and completed Mime Time from Innovate Stage 2. Even we were amazed at how incredibly imaginative the girls were.

Next up, we had an arts session led by Jessica Corlett, who taught the girls to make cheerleader pompom’s out of old carrier bags in preparation for the music. We then went off and changed into our festival gear, including face paint and crazy hair! We all grabbed our ‘mocktails’ and we introduced the playlist. for an hour of dancing.

We then had a break to have dinner and make our dens, before we joined back up to say goodnight.

The girls (and leaders) had a fabulous day and hopefully they will remember it for at least another 40 years!