Chatting, Sharing and Solving at our Meet the County Team Event

Chatting, Sharing and Solving at our Meet the County Team Event.

On a bright, slightly cold Saturday morning, members of the County Team came together to welcome volunteers from across the county to our drop in Meet the County Team event held between 10am-12pm in the house at Willow Tree Centre on Saturday 26th November 2022. 

Volunteers were greeted by Sharon Cargill, Heathrow Division Commissioner, and were directed into the main room where they could get help or ask questions from Commissioners, Coordinators and Advisors. Our ID Verifiers from Uxbridge, Ruislip-Northwood and Wealdstone joined forces to process eight DBS checks over the course of the morning, two Leadership Qualifications were signed off and we supported the successful completion of online Safe Space 1 and 2 trainings. We were also delighted to receive enquiries for Duke of Edinburgh Awards and interest in our County grant for the Peer Educator Scheme, whose next training session is being held at Willow Tree Centre in February 2023.  

Over in Pine Lodge, Christine and Katherine Mills were selling old badges to help raise funds for Willow Tree Centre – you can browse their eBay page. Since they started selling the badges over £2,100 has been raised, thank you to Christine and Katherine for all their efforts to fundraise this incredible total. If you have badges you would like to donate, please contact Marian at Jenny Brazier, our County Archivist, also had a selection of the Archives out for display and welcomes enquiries through her County email   

Many volunteers took the opportunity to speak with fellow volunteers from across the county and share ideas and experiences from their local areas, or just catch up with old friends. Volunteers were also able to get support and guidance on topics like risk assessments, finance and recruitment and many exchanged email addresses to share resources. 

There was a buzz of friendly chatter over a cuppa at Willow Tree. It was so lovely to see both new and familiar faces at the Meet the County team morning. I know it was a productive day for many who needed to complete their DBS or update GO and I was particularly pleased to be reunited with the Mum of one of my previous Guides from over 15 years ago, who has decided to volunteer.”

Sharon Cargill

A massive thank you to Christine Hughes, Harrow and Pinner Division Commissioner, who provided her legendary cakes, flapjacks and cheese scones for volunteers and to Lynn Birch (Awards and Recognition Committee representing Ruislip-Northwood Division), who did a sterling job keeping everyone topped up with tea and coffee throughout the event and tidying the kitchen up in a blink of an eye. 

Due to the success of this event, we will be running another Meet the County Team in 2023, stay tuned for the date in the new year. If you need any support in the meantime, please reach out to your local commissioner, county advisers or you can contact Jenni at and Marian and Jade at  

Marian Brown
Assistant County Commissioner (Volunteers)