Eastcote Brownies have fun at Google HQ!

‘I definitely want to find out more about how to become an engineer’ said one of my brownies who was buzzing as we hurtled back to Eastcote tube station following our amazing day out at Google HQ. In fact, the whole group was both exhausted and positively buzzing having spent the day at Google HQ.

Earlier in the year I had been fortunate to have been allocated spaces for brownies to attend the Region’s Brownie Takeover Day at Google. Across two brownie groups, Jackie and I (both Brown Owls) took a group of brownies up to London where along with around 80 other brownies and leaders they were given access to the wonderful and quirky world of Google HQ. What a day it was! The Brownies learnt how to code using imagi charms; design their own pixel art; make robots dance and build objects out of Lego which responded to commands being written into the laptop and in time moved!

The GGUK 2020 Attitude survey highlighted the continued need to challenge stereotypes and perceptions around work and employment. Of those who completed the survey and aged between 11 and 21 reported 56% felt schools should be doing more to break down professional stereotypes.

Almost a quarter (21%) of girls aged 7 to 10 and more than two in five (44%) aged 11 to 21 have been patronised or made to feel stupid because they are a girl. Some (41%) think there are still certain subjects or careers people expect them to do because they’re a girl. Interestingly, almost half (45%) of girls and young women aged 7 to 21 would consider a job in technology, with similar numbers across the ages.

It is experiences like our trip to Google HQ which will continue to positively influence and provide Brownies the opportunity to learn more about the opportunities available to them. Asked if they would attend another day at Google and everyone in the group said a loud ‘Yes’!

A big thank you to LASER and the staff for organising the day and to staff members at Google.

Val, Unit Leader – 4th Eastcote Brownie Unit