Leaders Outdoor Training Weekend

A few weeks ago we held our Leaders Outdoor Training Weekend. Hear what Nic, Leader of 6th Northwood Brownies, had to say about the weekend below.

I’ve just come back from a great outdoor training weekend away with Girlguiding Middlesex North West at Willow Tree.

After feeling slightly apprehensive as Outdoor Guiding is totally out of my comfort zone (I like to be warm and be inside with a cuppa). I can truly say I have found a love for being outside.

The weekend stated with tent building. We put up an old ridge tent. Smacking in the old wooden tent pegs and storming the tent. That musty smell of the tent brought back so many memories of being on camp as a guide.

Next we moved onto pioneering. We practised different types of knots and had a go at making tripods. Then we moved onto very large wooden logs and ropes and made three huge tripods which held a swing and bridge. Using all the same techniques we had used on the smaller poles. It was strong as about 15 of us stood on it for a photo. With only a few creaking noises from some of the ropes.

It was a pretty cold day so we went back inside to warm up and had a go at Whittling. We leant how to make tent pegs and a whistle. The whistle took a lot of time and patience, but everyone was determined to get theirs to work and I have to say most of us were successful.

The evening followed with a great meal. Like every camp you go on the food was excellent and tea and coffee were always on the go. We headed outside into the dark for a camp fire. Nothing was planned it was just ladies spontaneously bursting into song and everyone joining in. This was probably my favourite part of the weekend. Lots of chat, sharing stories, toasting marshmallows (a must) and laughs. I had forgotten how much I missed being together with other people.

The next day we had a go at campfire building. This was the bit I felt least confident in but by the end of the session we had all managed to safely light our fires and cook sausages, pitta bread pizzas, pineapple, eggy bread and my favourite banana, chocolate biscuits and marshmallow dessert. Yes my waist line did grow about two inches! But it was so worth it.

The weekend was finished off looking at Risk assessment and the planning of camps/ outdoor events. Making sure when we take the girls on outdoor events we are all confident in what we need to do to keep us all safe.

So in a nut shell, I had a great weekend! Even as an older guider there is always something new to learn. I may have gone home smelling of campfire and with a load of washing to do but it was so nice to be back spending time with my Girlguiding family sharing laughs and friendship. ❤

My thanks go to all the fabulous leaders who ran the weekend.