Loom Friendship Bracelet

Getting Started

On this page is a step by step guide to create your own loom friendship bracelet. Make sure you have:

  • 7 different colour pieces of thread approximately 15 inch long 
  • A loom bracelet wheel
    • Don’t have a wheel, download the template and create your own out of cardboard

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Step 1

Take your 7 pieces of thread and tie a knot in one end.

Step 2

Feed the thread through the centre of your wheel.

Step 3

Holding the wheel with the knot facing down, place one thread in each of the slots.

There will be one empty space at all times while you are braiding.

Step 4

With the empty slot at the top count to your right and grab the third thread. Take it out and place it into the empty slot.

Step 5

Rotate the wheel to move the newly empty slot to top.

Step 6

Repeat stages 4 & 5 until your bracelet is at the required length.  

Step 7

Remove the wheel, separate the end threads into a group of 3 and 4. Tie a knot with group of 4.

Step 8

Wrap the ends around the beginning knot and tie all 7 threads together.

Trim the ends to create a tidy finish to your bracelet.

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