MNW Storytelling Competition 2021 – Story Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Story category was… Lyra from 4th Ruislip Windmill Brownies! Well done Lyra, we thought the story you wrote about making friends was wonderful.

Lyra – Aged 8

Let’s be Friends

Once upon a time there were two children who were always lonely because everyone but them had at least one friend. Until one day they bumped into each other and then told each other why there were wandering the streets.

They both said,

“I don’t have anyone to play with all day”.

So they started to meet up and that was the beginning of a BFF, (Best Friends Forever), relationship.

Crystal had light blonde hair, sky blue eyes and wore a vest T-shirt, jeggings, trainers and a back-pack. Her personality was wild because she loved adventures and gym.

Winter on the other hand was the total opposite. She had brown hair, green eyes and wore a kitten dress, blue flats with unicorn horns on them and an adorable purse. She loved reading and baking.

To play together they tried reading a book about a gang that go out at midnight and are in a hospital called “the Midnight Gang”. The members of the gang are called Amber, Robin, Tom, George and Sally.

After reading two chapters Crystal said,

“This is boring because it is no fun sitting on my bottom. I like moving and jumping. Let’s try my thing!?”.

“Ok, I guess” Winter whispered worriedly. “what’s your thing?”

“ADVENTURES!” shouted Crystal.

So they climbed up a tree but when they were only 1 foot from the ground Winter screamed as if she was 100 foot from the ground. So they tried cartwheeling, summersaulting and spins but Winter kept on falling.

The problem was that they didn’t have anything in common so they just sat on a bench and talked about it and laughed.

Suddenly Winter had an idea; this is what she said,

“Why don’t we try new things and see what we both think”

“Alright” said Crystal.

They tried rock climbing but it was too scary. They tried knitting but it was too boring. Next they tried trampolining but it was too active so instead they tried math but it was too tiring. And loads more.

3 days later they almost gave up but they tried one more thing. Acting. One hour later they both walked out and shouted together “That was AMAZING!”. They were best friends forever from this day forward. They would meet up every Wednesday for acting class and have a blast.

The moral of the story is that no matter who you are you can be friends with anyone.


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