North Harrow Rangers Celebrate 15 Year Anniversary

2023/2024 marks the 15 year anniversary of our Ranger unit, North Harrow Rangers. ​

To mark the celebration one of our Rangers, Leeya, organised a party as part of her Gold Award.

She started off the evening asking all the Rangers to write down their favourite memories of being a Ranger, these ranged from various trips and camps we’ve been on, to very specific moments and funny memories. Everyone enjoyed reading them out, guessing whose were whose, reminiscing and having a good laugh.

Leeya had then organised a North Harrow Rangers themed bingo, which instead of numbers had various words relating to Girlguiding, Rangers and specific things realting to our unit. She selected them at random and then gave us clues as to what they could be. There were even prizes for the winners!

Then of course no party is complete without cake and candles, the Rangers even sung Happy Birthday to the unit. They then sat and ate whilst looking through the unit photo albums, laughing at old photos and more reminiscing.

It was a great evening and Leeya did an amazing job organising it for us!

On the first week of term, we were joined by Jenni, County Commissioner to present Leeya with her Gold Award. The Rangers wore Gold, played party games, ate cake and enjoyed lemonade with raspberries. It was a lovely evening celebrating Leeya’s achievements, we are all incredible proud of her.

Alice – Unit Leader, North Harrow Rangers