Queen’s Guide Award Celebration

Middlesex Queen’s Guides come together, share stories, and celebrate 

On Sunday 22nd May over 15 Queen’s Guides from Middlesex North West came together to share stories and celebrate being a Queen’s Guide over an afternoon tea event hosted at the McGovern Park Venue in South Ruislip. Many of those who attended brought a selection of photographs, badges and certificates showcasing the different experiences had which was a joy to look at and go through during the afternoon.

As our Majesty the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year it was a great opportunity for the Queen’s Guides to reflect and reminisce the experiences had whilst attaining the highest recognised award in Guiding.

Whilst those who attended shared good times and memories, there was an agreement amongst most of the group that more could be done to support and promote the award across the County.

The event was also attended by our newly appointed County Commissioner Jennifer Maidment who was looking to appoint a designated Queen’s Guide Award Advisor in the County to support others completing the award.