Ruislip-Northwood Division Jubilee Event

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Ruislip-Northwood Division hosted a Division wide Event on 24th-26th June 2022 for all sections with Guides and Rangers camping at Willow Tree Centre over the weekend.

The Guides and Rangers arrived Friday evening, set up their tents before creating tent shields and playing games. On the Saturday, Rainbows, Brownies and day visitors from Guides and Rangers arrived on site to enjoy a timetable of activities. There were bouncy castles including hungry hippos and slides and then section specific tasks. The Rainbows made crowns, loved having lots of fun with bubbles, as well as completing a trail round the Tranquil Garden section. The Brownies let off some steam taking part in some keep fit dancing, enjoyed the adventure playground and completed some woodcraft activities! For the Guides and Rangers, they worked on their pioneering skills, completed some art designs involving hammers and nails and got competitive on hungry hippos inflatables and “table” football.

We were fortunate to welcome our Mayor of Hillingdon, Becky Haggar and her Mayor Escort Polly Haggar to the event. Marian Brown, Ruislip-Northwood Division Commissioner took our guests on a tour of the event and the Mayor spoke to young members and volunteers. They were also shown archival photographs of Willow Tree Centre that recently celebrated it’s 21st birthday.

Once the day visitors had gone, the Guides and Rangers took part in a wide game before making s’mores, roasting the marshmallows on our campfire. On the Sunday they made their lunches on fires before taking part in some Queen themed activities including a quiz, craft and hobby horse racing.

Our thanks to Jenny Le Gall who co-ordinated the whole event, Jennifer Maidment and Alison Hornal who organised the Camp side of the event and all the volunteers who were involved in making the event a success. Your hard work and time given was very much appreciated by all.