1st Ruislip Guides get involved in the UK Parliament Week campaign

Last November, 1st Ruislip Guides had a great time participating in UK Parliament Week! It’s an activity that we do every year, and the Guides really enjoy it. Last year was particularly special because we were invited to take part in some promotional filming for the 2023 Parliament Week! The Guides loved having the camera crew around for the evening, and were really engaged in all of the activities.
They were split in to two parties and each party had to come up with a campaign and then role play it in our own mini-parliament session. The Guide who got to be Speaker took her role very seriously!
“I liked coming up with our own campaign and having to try and get votes in Parliament” – Guide
“I found it really interesting to learn how our government works, and wanted to vote for the other side!” – Guide
“I felt a bit shy with the camera crew, but found that I was really passionate about our campaign and couldn’t stop talking!” – Guide
This is a such a fabulous resource, it’s free and comes with an activity pack and everything you need for a unit meeting with very little advanced prep needed, plus everyone gets a free badge after the event! Have a look at the video below.