Volunteers get crafty

On a cold winter day, 20 volunteers from across the County came together to enjoy a day of craft in Pine Lodge at Willow Tree.

The day was split into four parts with a chance for volunteers to socialise with others during the changeover. The day started with the group creating a sugar scrub with the simple ingredients of baby oil and sugar. We then added our choice of essential oils with cinnamon and orange being a particular popular combination! 

Next up we created two different versions of rainbows, a macrame rainbow keyring and the very effective paper rainbow. There was a lot of discussion around colour combinations for the keyring and a lot of fun with the glue gun.

After lunch and a sneaky bit of lemon drizzle cake and/or flapjack made by Chris Hughes we settled down to tackle alice bands. We used material to create to variety of different styles – from casual, colourful creations to more sophisticated head pieces.

The final activity of the day was rag wreaths. Volunteers were very excited at the treasure trove of materials on offer. There were all kinds of colour, patterns and of course sparkle! Perfect to add a bit of twinkle to our wreaths.

Each volunteer went away with all their masterpieces and a booklet with instructions, materials needed and suggested adaptations for different age groups.

Thank you for a wonderful day! 

“I loved that the day was open to everyone, and it was a lovely opportunity to sit and chat to fellow volunteers whilst completing the craft” Marian, Assistant County Commissioner