Finance & Grants


Making a yearly budget as a unit team will help you plan effectively and provide assurance that you can do everything you want in your unit. Planning well will also help to free up your time to focus on the fun stuff!
When you’re drawing up a budget, make sure you think about all your expenses including:

  • The annual subscriptions (membership fees) for your unit
  • Unit running costs, including materials for activities, badges and badge books, any training fees or new resources.
  • Meeting expenses. This includes things like the rent for your venue, any lighting, heating or utilities bills, extra equipment and insurance, including contents and buildings.
  • General expenses. Budget some money for things like postage, stationary, volunteer uniform, volunteer training and travel expenses.
  • Irregular or one-off costs, such as for building maintenance. You may not need to spend money regularly, or even yearly on this, but it can be expensive. If it’s included in your budget every year, you’ll have saved up enough to cover it when the time comes.

Finance Coaching & Support

With the upcoming subscription payment, we are aware that some units may have concerns over the affordability of next years subscription. As a county we are able to provide financial support, through coaching or/and applying for grants.

Please complete the form on the following link and the county team will be in touch to arrange a call to give you one to one financial support for your unit.

Gift Aid

Under the Gift Aid scheme, money donated to charities – including Girlguiding subscriptions – is eligible for tax relief. This means that for every £1 sub received you can claim repayment of 25 pence. Units can increase its funds by claiming Gift Aid at no extra cost to our supporters! It’s an easy and guaranteed way to raise more money.

As a county we offer a two-part training session to help you get set up with HMRC and show you how to make a claim. Visit the county calendar to see when the next training is taking place.

Alternatively download the step by step guide along with the supporting documents and get started today.

County Grants

Girlguiding Middlesex North West County has funds available to offer grants to members, contact for more information. 

Peer Educator Grant

We offer grants to become a Peer Educator, covering the full cost of the training course plus travel expenses. Complete the grant form and submit to

Expenses Form

When volunteering you may need to spend some of your own money on expenses. It’s important you claim it back. It could be the cost of training materials if you’re a trainer, or the money you spend on travel. The expenses form is for all volunteers who hold a county role or are carrying out jobs relevant to Middlesex North West County.